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Compensation Plan

Morinda Compensation Plan / TNI

Cim Carver, Vice President of Global Sales

Before you start to read this, ask yourself the question: What written here can convince me that this marketing plan works, and it actually leads to a passive income? As only 5% of people will look at this marketing plan from a professional point of view and study it. The other 95% will quickly look through as I did once, just observing the figures. Of course you are not supposed to trust everything and you can do so, but it is - a form of “I do not want to think”. The conclusion: you are satisfied with everything, and you do not look for opportunities. We have nothing to offer you. Sorry, we were interrupted for a moment. For those who are looking for, there is something that once gave us the facts and showed how this would lead us to a passive income.

Fact 1  Morinda Bioactives is a food company. The Company owns all works starting from harvest and to transportation of the bottles of Tahitian Noni® on the table to the client (the protection of quality "from a tree to a bottle"). The fruit grows on its own, it does not need special care and conditions ... Simply put, there is as much of this fruit as air in French Polynesia. The company only collects the fruit, presses it, and sends to the plants around the world: Japan, Germany, America and China where it is packed. The company owns the entire technological process. Therefore, the main income Morinda Bioactives is production. The company earns on production rather than marketing plan

Fact № 2  Everyone understands that income depends on sales. According to the statistics of TNI (and our own as well), 80% of people run out of the product and purchase Tahitian Noni® again every month. Because one box is enough for one month, consequently people buy the product regularly.
Fact 3  Morinda Bioactives uses the scheme of NETWORK MARKETING, rather than direct sales for the product promotion! Many people do not even know the difference. If you were never interested in this before, so ignorance of the law is no excuse....

Amway, Mary Kay, Nu Skin, Tiande, Oriflame ... are direct sales companies. And here you are told the truth, the whole truth. You will be offered to become a "free enterpriser" at those companies. What is entrepreneurship? That's right. You'll never be able to leave your business unattended. Large interest from the first level, lower interest rates - with the "depth", you have to attract people to your first level all your life, since the marketing plan is structured in a certain way. And now here is a difference. At the first stages in Morinda Bioactives company you get a large commission from the first level, later, you get the higher commissions with depth, as there are more people at this stage. This leads you to a passive income. We would recommend you to get deeper into this for better understanding. Many people just do not catch the difference between a direct sales company and a network marketing company. The first thing you should do is to look at the code of your company: what does it say? (Details are in sub-menu and training "10 Lessons on napkins")

Fact  Quantity is evidence. Morinda Bioactives has created more than 200 dollar millionaires (career accumulated amount), most of them are not developing business, but get passive income.

In fact, these 4 facts were enough for us. But my husband and I found even more. So:

1. A successful plan has three types of income:

First: a quick profit. It takes time to build a network, which is why so many people leave without waiting. They do not see any quick money. They make efforts, but do not see the results.

Second: cumulative income. You can see how much effort you have invested, and you can see enough income. You can fully devote yourself to business.

Third: a passive income. This is when you earn enough money to enjoy the life. Many people can only dream about it.

Marketing Plan TNI has all the three types of income.

2. Regardless of the status of the company in order to receive a commission in the company, you need to buy only one box of bioactive Tahitian Noni® every month. One box is enough for a family of two people for a month. Did you get it? There is no stock of products, which you then have nowhere to put and it costs you a fortune.

3. Marketing plan is easy to understand:

- money from the turnover of your group. Simply put, you recommend the product to someone, and a person (even one) comes and buys at office (or calls and pays) - it's your turnover. You receive a fixed percentage of the purchases of people at every level.

- you do not be afraid that you will meet someone better, and he "will overtake" you. He will always be part of your turnover.

- no one ever "passes, move up the ladder of advancement» at the company. It is called "cutting" in other marketing plans. If you sponsor a person, and he succeeds and develops, you profit from this as a result.

4. Marketing plan doesn’t depend on the local economy. International marketing plan can increase the stability rate of your business. How many companies that allow you to get an income from 75 countries around the world do you know? Now we are not talking about those companies that claim that they are open in several dozen countries. So what? In another company you cannot subscribe other people in France, while you are in Ukraine (as one of its citizens), and receive a commission from Frenchman’s purchases. Not to bother you, we will explain and describe how you can do this: to get money for your recommendation, you will need to open an account, or become an entrepreneur in France to receive a commission. How many people are able to overcome such difficulties? But you will never find it out until you face it yourself.
We are pleased that the MORINDA BIOACTIVES international marketing plan proved to be true for us and for other consultants in due time! As today there are people in France, Canada, USA, Ireland, Germany and Russia who are in our team. There they buy bioactive Tahitian Noni ® for themselves, and we get a commission on each purchase here, in Ukraine. There aren’t any additional conditions.

5. Economic indicators. The company's turnover for 14 years has exceeded $ 4.5 billion. Is it much? For an unknown product and the "not efficient" marketing plan.... Just check it yourself.

Payments to independent consultants for 14 years are more than $ 2.5 billion. Once upon a time my presentation was attended by one economist, who said that it is impossible (it must be a loss to pay so much from earnings). Well. This economist may be clever, may know a lot ... But I know one thing:) not to trust to everything ... The best way  is to check. Those who check – earn money along with MORINDA BIOACTIVES marketing plan. Those who do not trust - go to work, or sell in the direct sales company.

And one more thing, MORINDA BIOACTIVES - an American company, and all figures are transparent. The company is responsible for each figure.

Where are you and what you are going to do? What do you think about this? We are taking off!
Are you ready to join?