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Lidiya Ilchuk

Lidiya Ilchuk

There is a small chance that life was as nice to you as it was to me once & you are as lucky as me. My employer gave me a two-year maternity leave (with regular salary to be paid), which became for me a free-flying time of thoughts and reflections. Time to understand what I'm doing now and what for…  What am I going to do next? You are luckier than me :) Now you're reading a story of someone else, which can teach and you can learn and find something for your own good. It is a new fresh sight from the outside. At that moment when I decided what I want: to find something that will allow me to work for several years and then live happily and have a rest, I realized one more thing! It happened thanks to my mom, who came to visit us. During her visit she said the words that totally changed my mind. She boasted: "Lida, my pension is $200!" And then I "got it": her mom and dad worked, and now they are receiving a pension, my mom and dad worked, and now they are receiving a pension, thousands of people around me have worked or are working now, and then will be receiving a pension or are already receiving it. If I do the same as everyone else does, I mean work… What will be the outcome? A pension! So if I want a different result, I need to act differently. But what should I do?

So, my thoughts regarding "How to work for several years, and then rest for life" were really topical. I thought about it and thought.... And then I just forgot about it. It happens to everyone, right?

But two months later I was offered to run TNI business. You should have seen my indignation, "to do network marketing, how you dare .... What are you talking about ....?!» But a minute later, I realized one thing: the man who offered this to me truly established himself in life. He lived as I wanted, and if he was involved into network marketing, then it means something. And it can bring me to life I dreamt about...! And a couple of minutes later I heard him saying that the network marketing - is the management of human and financial resources, and if I do not understand it and continue working in sales, I’ll never get the life I dream about. If I am selling something – I’ll have money, and If I stop selling – I’ll run out of money. In network marketing all is different, it is a passive income. It was about my dream, I was told that I could work 4, 5 or 10 years, and then relax. Agris Chukurs was that man. I am still grateful to him, and will be grateful to him all my life!

When I was going to the presentation of the offer received, I was utterly anticipating and interested in one thing only: how much should I pay to buy a business, which will lead me to a different standard of living? Then, at the presentation, I did not hear anything! No reason why the wellness industry is developing, nor the reasons why network marketing works, nor the statistics of the company, NOTHING! I was obsessed with the idea so much that the rest was already not important for me. I waited for the figure: the cost of the contract. The figure wasn’t given. But it was all what I wanted to know. You can call it whatever you want: stupidity, credulity, madness, criticize, laugh ... I do not care. For me - it's a magical feeling - intuition!

I am grateful for those people who didn’t not hide from me the information about TNI Company and Bioactive Tahitian Noni ® product.  These people didn’t make the decision instead of me: whether I need it or not, they just shared what they had - information. And I have heard. I started a different life from that moment! When I look at the photos of the last three years of my life, everything in me is boiling and raging: I am so thrilled. I realize, that none of this would happen, if three years ago, I said "no» to TNI. My friends said, and say "no" to my offer to start with the TNI, but their "no" doesn’t define my life. They say "no" to themselves, and opportunities that life sends to them.

Igor Ilchuk

Igor Ilchuk

My story - not the standard one you have heard from people who have decided to do business in network marketing. The first reason why I "got involved" into this - I promised my wife to help her. Or rather not even promised, we are just used to starting doing all new things together. And the second reason – it was crazy excitement: to see how it will work out. The first week of this business showed that there is a huge demand for the Tahitian Noni® Bioactive, and it really helps people. After such active two weeks, when we sold 15 boxes (this all with zero experience, and negative attitude to the network marketing), over the last month we have passed the first stage, and a month later this  allowed me to go to Spain for a company training. You see, ironically, Lida stayed at home, and I - who mocked the business, was in Palma de Mallorca. There I saw a company from the inside, and what was important to me - reliability, credibility, honesty and high level in everything. This went for me and I used my common sense & decided: if everything is reality, and it gives the opportunity to earn this money, I'm in! And there it became. There were planning to quit, other activities, telling our story, the search for people, etc. Believe it or not, in the end I quit my job on the exact day I planned. A month after that - we went to Salt Lake City to the corporate office. The trip expenses were fully covered by the company. For me it was a pipe dream - to get a multiply visa to America. Thanks to TNI my wife and I have American multiply visas for five years. Well, when I start to think how the number of people in my team has been growing without my control, and already increased to unimaginable numbers ...... This is beyond the words!

There is a simple logic in my behavior. Many people are afraid to lose what they do not really have - stability. Be honest to yourself: imagine, you are 45 years old and your employer says: "You're fired" ... How would you feel? What would you do? Most people go to work or have businesses like a suitcase without a handle: it is hard to carry and you cannot throw it away. I clearly understand that my actions in the past, when I used to go to work, led me to a certain result. And further, they would have led me to a result that almost 100% of the people gain. My passion and my love to my wife helped me to see and accept something different. And I'm HAPPY about that!!!!! My love for life without an alarm clock always awakened a fountain of life inside me.

And here is what happens when you build a business with Morinda Bioactives:
You feel like you are 20 years old again when you start to use the product
You start to travel around the world
You get financial freedom (to work for pleasure, not because you need to do so)
You can choose WHERE to live
You can choose the best schools for your children
Your spouse is always satisfied
You're surrounded by people whom you helped to transform their lives, and they say "THANK YOU"

Would you like if your child worked for someone and dedicated the life to implementing the tasks from this someone? We wouldn’t like! We want to teach our first daughter, and then the other children HOW TO BE FREE! We would like to teach our children to build their own business! TNI made it possible to us! TNI - the future of our children and grandchildren. And now we are creating it. Thanks to TNI we get personal development and recognition, the ability to earn income without limitation, the ability to travel, the opportunity to be free and the opportunity for the career growth. There are no limits!

- Igor and Lidija Ilchuk