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Why Morinda Bioactives

Tahitian Noni® Original

Tahitian Noni® Original™ Bioactive

Tahitian Noni® Original - 150 nutrients in your body every day! It is a unique product for special dietary use that you can drink every day. It's a gulp of health for my family every day and I feel great when I drink Bioactive Beverage Tahitian Noni ®. I know that thanks to it I help my organism to be healthy in Kiev while breathing its air, drinking the water form large bottles, eating food that is on the stores’ shelves. Investing into a bioactive drink Tahitian Noni ®, you take care of your health!

No one except you has the keys to your health. Health needs to be taken care of. And you should take care of it when you still have it. This will allow you to save time and money, but also save your life and the lives of your children.

It will not hurt you.

Maybe it will help you.

And it for sure may change your life.

Tahitian Noni gives you access to the health by drinking only 60 ml per day!

Question: "How much does it cost and how to drink it?"

You should drink 30 ml of Bioactive drink Tahitian Noni® Original twice a day - this is $2 per day for your health. From the portion of 60 ml per day you get more than 150 nutrients your body needs. For example, one person needs just 2 bottles a month (it costs $60). Family of two people needs a box of 4 bottles (1 l each) a month. This box costs $120
You can drink as much as you want if you can allow this. Therefore you’ll give maximum help to your body, and it will be grateful for this showing you all it can do.

Question: "You have to use the products of the region you live in"

Who said that? So far as it is true, then it means that when I come to America, India, China - I can’t eat? Nowadays you must eat the best this world can offer! Go to the market, and look at the products that are sold. Does somebody of you eat potatoes? Tomatoes? Bananas? Oranges? Mandarins? Are these products from your region?  :)

Question: "I am a very conservative person and do not believe in all this"

If you do not drink Tahitian Noni ®, you do not want to drink it or "conservatively" (as you call it) think about it (read here: "ignorance and laziness," because you just do not want to understand) ... The most important thing you must be sure that you did your best to save your own and your child’s (or family’s) health. If you do so, then when he (she) grows up they will not ask you any questions. To do nothing at all, not to help your body in the XXI century, century of the progress, polluted air, water and hazardous food, is stupid.

Question: "Is Tahitian Noni ® Bioactive addictive"

Are you addicted to water? Do not you drink water every day? You are addicted to it. What will happen if you stop drinking water? Are you addicted to food? You eat every day. But what will happen if you stop eating? Noni - it's food (Do you remember? "Feed me Noni.") When you stop giving some substances to your body, it will react accordingly.

Catherine Aznauryan, a private pediatrician

As a child I asked myself: "Why does my grandmother take the medicines every day but the disease doesn’t disappear?”

Then I became a doctor and learned that 95% of people of 35-40 years have the same outcome as my grandmother. If the modern medicine and the pharmaceutical industry had the goal to heal, people would be healthier already. And what happens in reality? Diseases that were called "senile" - oncology (cancer), diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular diseases are common among children. And what's happening in stomatology? Children under 1 year and after, have cavities. 50 years ago we didn’t have a children's dentist specialist. And now this profession is needed.

Since the 30s of the XX century, the world science is constantly talking about the fact that the main cause of the epidemic of cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, immunodeficiency, cancer, apathy, chronic fatigue syndrome - is a lack of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids in the nourishment. A modern person except a lack of nutrients gets excess of hazardous substances (antibiotics, stabilizers, E-preservatives, aromatizers, hormones, nitrates, alcohol, nicotine, stress, environment)

And the people, who want to be healthy, must distinguish this situation and not turn a blind eye.

I searched and found the answer to the question: "How to neutralize the cause of more than 70% of diseases - undernourishment?" Answer - Bioactive Beverages Tahitian Noni®. Why? It's a great question that I really like to answer:

1. Security (Certificate of harmlessness of the European Union. Accordingly, it can be used by pregnant women and children who are newborn).

2. 100% natural. Natural plantations.

3. Experience of use - 2,000 years.

4. 14 clinical studies on humans.

5. Contains all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids that are needed.

6. Tahitian Noni ® Bioactive is very simple in use and has a pleasant taste.

7. The high efficiency.

8. Bioavailability (all elements of the beverage are mostly digested and delivered directly into the cells).

9. Iridoids provide a wide range of activities.

10. Antioxidant - neutralizes the effects of free radicals and slows the aging.

11. Natural immune modulator.

12. Protection of DNA which is not only the health of a person who drinks Bioactive Tahitian Noni ®, but also of his future children and grandchildren.

13. Healthy sleep.

14. Neuroprotective. Protection of the nervous system.

15. Hepatoprotector. Protection of the liver.

16. Protection of the cardiovascular system.

17. Antipyretics - antipyretic action.

18. Antitussive effect.

19. A calming effect.

20. Antitumor activity.

21. Antiallergic action.

22. Healthy skin.

23. Antimicrobial, antiparasitic, antibacterial action.

24. Supports the smooth muscles of internal organs.

25. Normalization of glucose level.

I'm grateful that once I learned about the Bioactive Tahitian Noni®, tried it, and now my family, parents, friends, and most patients are much healthier and therefore happier. Go to meet your health! Help your body cope with today's reality, drink Bioactive Tahitian Noni®. And after about a month you will be ready to say thanks to those who informed you about Noni. And in time you’ll get the idea: "Why did not I know about this before?"

Catherine Aznauryan, a private pediatrician, tel. +38 (067) 278-12-12 +38 (093) 910-52-22