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Founders of Morinda

John Wadsworth

President of Morinda Bioactives, Vice President of Morinda Holdings, Inc.

John Wadsworth was the first to envision the scope and power of noni. It was largely due to his tenacity, vision, and talent that a method was developed to harvest and process the Morinda citrifolia fruit. Before founding what is now Morinda Bioactives, John helped guide many companies toward realizing their visions. His experience includes managing food manufacturing operations, supervising quality assurance in food production, and developing new products.

Stephen Story

Vice President of Morinda Holdings, Inc.

Stephen Story has developed over 1,000 different products. He is a pioneer in areas such as dietary fiber supplements, sports nutrition, milk substitutes, nutritious gourmet foods, and many other food products. He is the originator of Stephen's Gourmet Cocoa and formulated, designed, and initiated the start-up of the company.

Stephen helped bring together the dynamic founders of Morinda. He knows how to help groups work and progress together. Stephen has gained valuable experience as both a leader and a worker in the trenches throughout his illustrious career.

Kerry Asay

President and CEO of Morinda Holdings, Inc.

Kerry Asay serves as President and CEO of Morinda Holdings, Inc. As one of the founders of Morinda Bioactives, he is a seasoned and dynamic leader. Before Kerry joined ranks with Morinda Bioactives, he served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation. Highlights of Kerry's leadership prior to Morinda Bioactives include implementation of one of the finest quality assurance programs in the industry and a distributor training program that is still in practice today.

Kerry now focuses his energy on making sure people all over the world are able to experience Thrive Adaptogenics. He asserts that, "There is no excuse not to take Thrive."

Kim Asay

Vice President of Morinda Holdings, Inc.

Kim Asay is Vice President of Morinda Holdings, Inc. Before founding Morinda, Kim had a tremendous impact as Vice President of Sales at another multimillion-dollar corporation. With a degree in economics, Kim has a great mind for business and is a perfect fit.

When Kim first met John and Stephen in 1995, he immediately felt that Thrive Adaptogenics was special. During the months following his initial meeting with John and Stephen, Kim's feelings about the unique qualities of Thrive were supported through his study, personal use, and experiences of others. He feels that as evidence mounts about the uniqueness of Thrive, people will realize just how incredible this product is.

Kelly OIsen

Vice President of Morinda Holdings, Inc.

Kelly Olsen knows network marketing. He has been involved in the business for over 27 years, during which time he has been a distributor, consultant, vendor, and also held various senior management positions. Kelly joined Morinda Bioactives in 1996 and added the missing marketing piece to an already impressive team of executives. Once he recognized the power of Thrive Adaptogenics, he committed himself 110% to this amazing opportunity. Kelly says, "For me, it was truly like finding water in a parched desert."

 Kelly is the vision behind Morinda Bioactive's worldwide marketing strategy and establishment of the Morinda brand. Under his leadership vision, Morinda Bioactives has created opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world and has generated over two billion dollars in commissions to its distributors. A master marketer, Kelly's specialty is creating—and taking advantage of—great opportunities.